I am interested in the ways in which nuclear politics can overlap with the act of being creative. I want to help bridge the gap between the wonks, advocacy groups and the general public, and foster a healthier relationship between them. Bombshelltoe is my attempt to share these goals to the world and push a reconceptualization of what it means to be engaged and creative in the nuclear policy field.

Bombshelltoe is a collection of stories examining the connections between nuclear history/politics and popular culture. This project is the first-prize recipient of the U.S. Department of State’s Innovation in Arms Control Challenge in 2013.

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Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

As an offshoot to my Bombshelltoe pieces, I began writing for Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists as a regular columnist in 2013 and now as a guest writer. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has been a longstanding source of news and analysis on scientific innovation and its implication on foreign policy, so I am honored to have my work featured as part of this esteemed publication.

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